Talking Point

CA8G068WkAEGjQD.jpg-large Celebrating 4 Years of the 3DS With The Top 4 3DS Games - Today marks the 4th year that the 3DS has been in my life. During those 4 years, I’ve owned 4 systems. I bought an original 3DS in black. Then a 3DS XL, dark blue. I treat myself to a white 3DS and a copy of New Leaf in June 2013, and at the start of […]


Community_castphoto-2-720x463 Community is Back! & Better Than Ever! - Let’s all agree on something, right here, right now. Season 5 of Community was a mess. Kind of like my life at the moment. Something about it just wasn’t right, it was too ‘out there’. The GI-Joe episode was the worst, and there was only one decent episode in the full series – the one […]

What’s Crackin’?

11011031_1092321087448584_6250242649600124328_n Happy 10th Anniversary New Doctor Who - When does something stop being new? Doctor Who pre-2005 is what we like to call ‘New Doctor Who’, you’ve got that and you’ve got classic Doctor Who, which covers Doctor’s 1-8. 10 years ago, the 9th Doctor took control of the TARDIS and the new series began. The first series was beautiful. We met Rose. […]


What is Analysing Dragons?

kkhp4 Let’s Analyse Some Dragons - Dragons. Who doesn’t love Dragons? Nobody. That’s who. Welcome to my new site; Fun fact, up until a few weeks ago, I couldn’t spell analysing. Even now, I’m looking up a cheat sheet on how to spell it. Another fun fact, the site was originally going to be AnalysingFish, then AnalysingTurtles. I’m glad I […]

“I’m too hot (hot damn) Called a police and a fireman
I’m too hot (hot damn) Make a dragon wanna retire, man”