We’re All In For The LEGO Jurassic Park Game


Not so hot are the words I’d use to the recent LEGO games. Lord of the Rings didn’t feel right, I never bothered with The Hobbit because they totally timed it wrong by not including the 3rd movie, and I gave up on LEGO Batman 3 after 3 hours of some of the most uninspired gameplay in a LEGO game. But Jurassic Park LEGO? I’m all in.


After dragons, dinosaurs are absolutely some of the best things ever, and Jurassic Park is full of them. The LEGO game looks like it’ll be full of them as well. The game does it right again by including the original 3 movies, and the new Jurassic World film. That’s 4 films of content! Voice acting is back, and there is going to be little Jeff Goldblum figure! Pinch me please, because I must be dreaming.

The first proper trailer looks kick ass. Hopefully with the help of Jurassic Park, the LEGO games can get their groove back.

The game is out in June, right around the time of Jurassic World. Perfectly timed. Good job, TT Games.