Celebrating 4 Years of the 3DS With The Top 4 3DS Games


Today marks the 4th year that the 3DS has been in my life. During those 4 years, I’ve owned 4 systems. I bought an original 3DS in black. Then a 3DS XL, dark blue. I treat myself to a white 3DS and a copy of New Leaf in June 2013, and at the start of this year, I bought the New 3DS. Seen as it’s the 4th year of 3DS fun, I’m going to list four of my favourite games you can play on the system.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney TrilogyGyakuten_Saiban_123_Naruhodou_Selection

It’s a sin that this game isn’t available as a physical copy. The Ace Attorney games are some of the best games going. All of them are packed with a fantastic story and unusual characters, but the first 3 in the series are the best ones. Released as one package on the eShop, you can get the first 3 games for around £25. Which is the hottest deal you can ever come across.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

If we were measuring how great a game is by the amount of time you spent on the game, then Animal Crossing: New Leaf would win every time. I played that game solidly for 3 months. I became addicted to improving my town, watering my flowers and collecting fruit to sell for cash money. The Animal Crossing franchise is best played on the go, and New Leaf is easily the best one in the series.

mario_golf_world_tourMario Golf: World Tour

It seems like an odd pick, Mario Golf World Tour, to be on a list of the 4 top 3DS games, but I’m a firm believer that it earned its place. I may have missed the previous games in the golfing series, but Mario Golf had me hooked, line and sicker. The main quest and challenges kept me playing for 30 hours, and then online multiplayer extended that play time further. Once again, it’s the perfect pick up and play handheld game.

new-nintendo-3ds-xl-1-jogo-zelda-majora-mask-187001-MLB20258582348_032015-FThe Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

This list probably lost any credibility it may have had when I added Mario Golf to the list, but it’s about to lose a lot more. The 3DS has 3 awesome Zelda games. Link Between Worlds is the only original title, but, to be honest, I prefer Majora’s Mask. I’ve never played a Zelda game quite like Majora’s Mask, and it caused me a lot of stress in doing so. It’s close behind Wind Waker and Twilight Princess as one of my favourite Zelda games, and the 3DS is the perfect system for that style of Zelda game.

It’s honestly a hard job to choice 4 of my favourite games for the system; there are just so many. The 3DS has a fantastic library, and compared to launch day 4 years ago, when I was playing Nintendogs + Cats & Pilot Wings, it’s got a million times better.